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EDUCATION - whole school involvement

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I specialise in whole school activities, workshops and assemblies to assist with school    improvement and curriculum initiatives , please contact me for details.

ian potts school based work



Paint a Poppy theme assembly please click to find out more

Clients/funders/supportrs:   St. Aidan’s Catholic Academy. Gentoo, Brothers in Arms.

Group;  All staff and students of the school


Anti-bullying workshop and installation

Students and staff were involved in anti-bullying workshops, culminating in the production of a large participatory installation consisting of thumb prints of the whole school community as a sign of a declaration of intent to prevent bullying in all its guises in school. 

Clients/funders/supportrs:   St. Aidan’s Catholic Academy.

Group;  All staff and students of the school

The image is made up from the thumb prints of over1300 students and staff of a Sunderland Academy and is over eight feet high.

The work helped with the schools anti-bullying campaign and subsequent award of a certificate..



Paint a Poppy Installation

A special whole school installation piece consisting of a single relief image of a poppy printed by all the staff and students from the school.

Clients/funders/supportrs:  Mill Hill Primary school.

Group;  All staff and students of the school


  World Wide  sharing of good practice

  Whole school competition to send a fridge magnet around the world!

  Clients/funders/supportrs:  St. Aidan's Catholic Academy.

  Group;  All students of the school