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Sea fret, Sun rise, Sea Snow Sky (click above)

Messing about on the river   (click above)


See the Paint a Poppy Project (click above)

Ben Wilson (above) paints onto the pavements of Sunderland...

...easy come, easy go.

Sunderland elephants click above


Geoff puts his foot in it!

Thom, Ian and The Futurehead's Ross are on the Map.

Kristian (MAC Trust) and Robert (film maker) are back on the Map.

St Johns ambulance members are on the map.

Southwick is on the Mackem Map!

Stunning Sunderland.

Trish and family are on the Map.

Frank's shop leaves the Mackem Map...

...while Abbeyfield mekes it's Mackem Map debut!

Jeff can be seen to the right of the War Horse!











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Mackem Maps dot    






Mackem Maps A Portrait of Sunderland

It is often said that everyone has a book inside of them. However, I believe that we can extend this old maxim to maps.  For over thirty years I have been asking people to draw their own map of Sunderland. Collating and reviewing these recollections, I am astonished by the artistic talent and the diversity of interests which are highlighted by individual Mackem Maps.  Collectively, these maps illustrate a broad Sunderland cartography, underpinned and supported by a microcosm of Mackem mania.  The maps are not about ordinance survey precision and detail; instead they are illustrations of memories with all the inconsistencies and individual biases, inaccuracies and mistakes of our failing



                                      Mackem Maps at Mackies Corner 2019

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The Mackem Map can be seen at the City Library and Art Gallery throughout October.

please checkout the openning times.

Ian ran five Mackem Map workshops at the City Library supported by the Abbeyfield Society.



Click to see how Abbeyfield have put themselves on the Mackem Map.

Click the photo to check out the Echo report.

Send me your Mackem stories and pictures, and I will try and add them to the map! email e-on-arts@hotmail.com


tweet - @eonpottsarts or FB E-on Arts.

Yes, it's Jeff Brown from BBC Look North! That's Jeff standing in the middle with his daughter.


  A big thank you goes out to Jeff for taking the time to submit his own Mackem Map.


   Eon Arts Director Geoff Scott presents his Mackem Map. click photo to find out more.

New arrivals on the Mackem Map – but can anyone name the sites?

 Find out the answers at the next workshop.



A meeting here on 25th September 1880 saw the formation of what is now Sunderland AFC.

                                                                    Scroll down to find out more..


These Sunderland based maps were created in workshops by a mixture of students, community groups and the general public.  They are personalised memory maps displaying all the charm and inconsistencies of personal accounts coupled with graphology and pictograms. Why not join the fun and submit your own Mackem Map. It might just inspire that book.

Sunderand map1 Sunderland map 2 Sunderland map 3
Sunderland map 4 Sunderland map 5 Sunderland map 6


Ian Potts Makem Maps 1

Michael Wood historian with Rev Tom Gibbons at St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth.


Ian Potts Mackem Maps 2

Ian Potts Mackem Maps 3

    Mackems know they're home when they see Penshaw Monument!





Please click photo above to hear about the Roker Pods

  Eon Arts is delighted to help Forward Assist with their work with Veteran soldiers.

Ian would like to thank Sunderland AFC. for hosting the workshop at the Stadium of Light and Simon from Forward Assist for his help.


Mackem Map workshop at Roker United Reform Church.


Mackem Map workshop at Glenholme House


A meeting here on 25th September 1880 saw the formation of what is now Sunderland AFC.

Rectory Park School (above), which stood just behind the Empire Theatre, is now thought to be the building where Sunderland teachers met on 25th September 1880 to form what is now Sunderland AFC

Previously the formation of the club was attributed to being in Norfolk Street in October 1879, as recorded on this blue plaque (bottom right).

The Rectory Park school has gone, but it would have been here, in what is now a carpark overlooking the Stadium of Light (top right).

Here's hoping we can have a new piece of art or plaque to

commemorate this date and site – put it on your Mackem Maps!



Mackem Map workshop at Falstone


Bev and the team help out while Graham quickly produces his Mackem Map; a superb Sunderland seafront digital montage (above).



People love to chat about Mackem Maps

At St. Cuthberts Church; my Dad was reunited with relatives he hadn't seen in over 70 years, thanks to an overheard conservation between two women during one of the Mackem Map workshops. One of the women turned out to be my Dad's cousin! I was able to take her details and reunite her with our side of the family. 

Rev Jen Bradshaw.

Hester has been a great help, I can't thank her enough for her time and artistic flare.

Click the above photo to find out why Spotee the smuggler is on the Mackem Map


The City of Culture Bid 2021 supports the Mackem Map.


Rebecca Ball, with councillors John Kelly and Mel Speding, at the launch of the City of Culture 2021 bid at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens (above).  

Councillor Mel Speding, Cabinet Secretary wants to see the Alice Well on the map! (above)




Councillor John Kelly portfolio holder for Public Health, Wellness and Culture is on the map. (above)


   The Mackem Map is on tour, but do you know where it is?


Young Asian Voices on the Mackem Map!



Mackem Map making at the Northern Saints Primary School.


Please contact Ian on Mob 07982892262 to discuss your Chalk In party.


Putting themselves on The Mackem Map at this year's Summer Streets Festival

Rebecca Ball (Director of our Culture 2021 bid) hopes to put us all on the Mackem Map!

Ray Spenser MBE. treks from the Custom House to put himself on the Mackem Map!

The brilliant Alex Elliott was invited to play the maps

click his photo to listen in!


Sadly, these Whitburn Singers are just off the Mackem Map!

BBC presenter Jeff Brown spots himself on the Mackem  Map.

Artist Barrie West is always on the map.

David Callaghan and Emma Horsman (Director) from the Cultural Spring are on the Map!

Amy puts Eddie the dog on the Map.

Steve Drayton's outfit looks good on the Mackem Map!

The Mackem Map takes to the skies at the Roker UR Church play group.

Please contact Ian on Mob 07982892262 to discuss your Chalk In party.

Click the Chalk In poster to find out more




The Mackem Map at the City Library celebrating Heritage Open Days

Big thank you to Julie Boad and all the staff at the City Library for hosting the Mackem Map as part of Heritage Open Days!

It was great to work with everyone who took the time to add their own story to the Mackem Map.  A special thank you to the staff and young people from Valley Road School who produced the maps in this section.



The extention to the Mackem Map was supported by The Cultural Spring, Sunderland Libraries, Roker UR Church ,Summer Streets Festival and Sunderland City of Culture Bid 2021..

I would also like to thank Rebecca Ball (Director of the City of Culture Bid 2021) Robert Carr, Kristian Foreman, and MADE in Tyne and Wear, Lowdown reporter Peter Darrant.  Finally I would like to express my gratitude to Look North presenter Jeff Brown, and Hester Dowling plus all the Mappers for their stories and Mackem Maps.


A collection of Sunderland based maps created in workshops by students, community groups and the general public.  These are memory maps displaying all the charm and inconsistencies of personal accounts coupled with graphology and pictograms.